An investment firm focused on blockchain and distributed ledger technology

Our mission is to drive the development of the global blockchain-based economy. To achieve this, we combine intelligent algo-trading strategies and fundamental market expertise tailored to this new class of digital assets, offering numerous approaches aiming to securing and grow our clients’ portfolios.


Qu uses machine learning and artificial intelligence methods to strategically trade digital assets.


A revolutionary means of storing and sending information and monetary value across a massive global network





How it Works

Blockchain protocols including Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin, are supported by thousands of decentralized nodes across six continents and a multi-billion dollar mining industry. This infrastructure guarantees the integrity of each transaction and account stored on the chain. It is designed to be decentralized and incorruptible. Every change is encrypted, verified by the network, and recorded on the global distributed ledger.

A Paradigm Shift

The Internet enabled seamless, global data transfer. Now, blockchains create a trustless data storage and management layer directly on top of the Internet. Blockchain protocols allow for secure transactions between multiple parties without the need for middlemen, inevitably resulting in a paradigm shift for the finance industry. These highly programmable peer-to-peer networks provide the foundation for developing decentralized applications (dApps) including distributed cloud computing and data storage networks, secure global payments and asset transfers, prediction markets, and provably fair gambling among countless other use cases. Blockchains and, more broadly, distributed ledger technologies are the essential components that underpin Web 3.0, the internet of value.

Our Team

Qu Capital is a collection of financial engineers and mathematicians with experience at GoogleX, Goldman Sachs Strats, BlackRock, Facebook, and Amazon. Team members specialize in economic theory, applied mathematics, computer science, artificial intelligence, and systems engineering. For further team inquiries, contact us.